Wall of Fame

Wall of Fame

Celebrating the Hard Work and Dedication of Our Team Members from All CiminoCare Communities

“The Wall of Fame is a permanent, timeless way to honor the service and the intrinsic caregiving heart of those who work at CiminoCare. The wall is designed to be a legacy, an indelible recognition that lives on beyond a certificate or material gift. We hope that our team members, their families and friends will visit this wall and feel a sense of pride that they have made a difference in how we serve and care for older adults.”

– Mark Cimino

Ana Medorio

CiminoCare Wall of Fame: Ana Medorio

Ana Medorio, Administrator of Burlingame Villa, is celebrating 25 years as a committed team member of CiminoCare. Embodying the values of CiminoCare, she has spent her entire career supporting residents, families.

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Adina Nitu

CiminoCare Wall of Fame: Adina Nitu

Adina Nitu is celebrating 15 years as a committed team member of CiminoCare. She has spent her entire U. S. career at CiminoCare serving in a variety of roles over the years, “doing what was needed for residents”.

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