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Senior Housing and Care Services

Senior Housing and Care Services

Meaningful Care Options to Match Your Needs

Providing the most compassionate, highest level of care comes easily when it is a part of your culture. And we are confident you’ll feel the CiminoCare culture the moment you enter one of our welcoming communities. As importantly, we want to share how that culture has inspired innovations in care that define the core Care Services we offer.

Assisted Living

Memory Care

Independent Living

Specialized Care

Caring for Seniors is our Family Tradition
The commitment we bring to caring for residents is deeply rooted in CiminoCare’s origins. We are a family-owned, family-run business that spans three generations and began with the modest, yet heartfelt goal of caring for the elderly neighbors of our founders, Wilma and John Cimino. Wilma met John after moving from her native Italy to America, bringing with her the “Old World” core values of integrity, humility, dignity, and respect. For Wilma, in particular, this evolved into a lifelong passion of providing compassionate care to seniors, and she raised her children to embrace that same vision. Decades later, CiminoCare has grown while maintaining a commitment to those same core values. And, as a family-owned business, CiminoCare is responsible to the residents, not a large corporation or group of anonymous shareholders. We invest most heavily in attracting, training, and retaining the very best caregivers in the communities in which we are located. There is no company goal we hold higher than providing compassionate, professional care.
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