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Because We Care

Because We Care

Providing Seniors with Meaningful Options

We provide care. Physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. That’s why we put “care” in our name. And providing care means taking action, each and every day, to ensure the wellbeing of our residents and their families. Because it is people who provide care, not buildings, furniture, or a printed calendar of events. People care. CiminoCare cares.

CiminoCare: Nurturing Health, Safety, and Engagement for Seniors.

Sharing What's Important to You

Share What’s Important to You

Finding a truly comfortable, welcoming senior housing option begins with sharing what’s important to you. Your preferences and your needs are highly personal, so before we take you on a tour of a CiminoCare Senior Community, we want to hear what makes you feel welcome, safe, and happy. Because a home is so much more than furniture, fixtures, and amenities. It’s a culture and atmosphere that is ideally suited to you, and our goal is to connect you with the best community available. We are here to help. Truly.
Find the Ideal Community for You

Find the Ideal Community for You

All CiminoCare communities place compassionate, professional, and affordable care as the highest priority, so there are really only two key items for you to consider: 1) types of care services available, and 2) geographic location.
Our “Care Services” page explains the various levels of care we provide at each community, as well as their exact locations.
A Family of Senior Living Communities
CiminoCare owns, manages, and advises Senior Housing communities across much of Northern California. Our experienced management team and staff are dedicated to providing the highest level of compassionate Senior Care, closely matched to the needs of each locality we serve. In many cases, CiminoCare both owns and operates the Senior Housing community, but has increasingly been called upon by the owners of other communities to assume the management role and implement the proven practices that have come to be a hallmark of the CiminoCare brand. In some instances, we provide consulting and training services to another community’s existing management team and staff, once again sharing the practices that we know best serve senior residents. Across these communities, CiminoCare offers a range of Senior Care Services, including Independent Living, Assisted Living, Memory Care, Transitional Care, Respite and Vacation Care, and even Hospice Care.
Life Within a CiminoCare Community
While variation exists in terms of the services and amenities offered at each community, all CiminoCare residents can expect the same emphasis on quality care. This means a greater focus on quality staff and a strong culture of compassion than on a checklist of activities, events, or amenities. While stimulating activities and a clean, safe environment contribute to a caring environment, they cannot be proxies for the people who actually provide that care. At CiminoCare, our focus is on people. As a result, life within a CiminoCare community is about human interaction, warmth, friendliness, respect, and the type of sincere humility that puts staff and residents on the same level in terms of compassion. We are here to help others, as we, ourselves, may someday need that same help. We care for others as we would want others to care for us.