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Memory Care Communities

Memory Care Communities

Embracing the Challenges of Memory Loss

CiminoCare truly believes that beyond the outward signs of memory issues is an active mind that will respond to truly compassionate care. We embrace our memory care residents as fellow humans with both the right and need for respectful and dignified companionship as they grapple with a changing perspective on their environment.

At CiminoCare, we also understand the importance of supporting the families of our Memory Care residents. In addition to providing compassionate care for the resident, we also provide education, support and tips for engaging with your loved one as communication abilities change.

Whether it be Alzheimer’s or another form of dementia, we are here to ensure the well-being and highest possible quality of life for our memory care residents, alongside their loved ones.

CiminoCare Memory Care Communities

Burlingame Villa


Citrus Heights Terrace

Citrus Heights

Courtyard Terrace


Eagle Lake Village


Portola Gardens

San Francisco

Woodland Gardens

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Benefits of Memory Care


We believe that every interaction is an opportunity for engagement. We recognize that residents living in our memory care programs thrive because of our compassionate interactions, whether it is dancing during an activity or working alongside a resident as we make the bed. Our days are filled with individual and small group activities and life skills that help residents experience successful interactions regardless of their cognitive abilities.

Safety and Security
Safety and Security

Families tell us that safety and security is a priority. We agree, and we have developed a program that allows safety and security to remain a priority without creating an institutional feel. CiminoCare communities offer both dedicated memory care communities with specialized technology to alarm exit doors and integrated programs where residents, regardless of their diagnosis, live together. In addition, our services plans, staff training and change of condition observations play important roles in the safety and security of all of our residents.


Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia are horrible diseases. And yet, if we allow it, we can find many moments of joy and laughter. CiminoCare is dedicated to supporting residents and family members through the good times and the tough times. We offer family support groups, end of life support programs, expert resources and opportunities for families to just be with loved ones, without a task list.