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Staying Connected

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We feel it is essential to share current events; innovations in care; and personal stories of those who make CiminoCare such a special company, including management, staff, residents, and families. We hope you’ll find the following articles to not only be educational, but also a indication of what we feel is important, inspiring, and entertaining. We truly enjoy caring for Seniors and like to share what we do to make a positive difference in the lives of those around us.

The Importance of Flu Shots During the Time of COVID-19

The Importance of Flu Shots During the Time of COVID-19

Why Should Older Adults Get the Flu Shot?
Simply put, flu vaccines can keep you and others from getting the flu. Experts have estimated that the vaccine prevents over 4 million cases of the flu each flu-season. It is recommended to get the vaccine in October before the seasonal-flu begins. When making an appointment make sure you let the person know you are over 65, oftentimes there is a different vaccine that is more effective for older adults.

The medical professionals state that people over 65 are at much higher risk of developing serious complications if they contract the flu. In addition to underlying chronic or acute health conditions, the immune defenses can decrease with age making it harder for the body to recover from any virus. The CDC estimates that up to 85% of flu-related deaths occur in people 65 years of age and older.

Why Should People Working with Older Adults Get the Flu Shot?
The flu is a contagious virus. Receiving the flu shot not only protects you, it reduces the chances that you will pass it along to someone else who is at a higher risk of serious illness. Some studies show that getting the flu vaccine prevents over 50,000 flu-related hospitalizations.

Where to Get a Flu Shot?

  • At your county health department
  • At your doctor’s office
  • Urgent care clinics or local hospitals
  • At your local hospital
  • Local pharmacy chain – CVS, Walgreen’s…
  • Supermarket pharmacy – Safeway, Walmart, Kmart, Target, Sam’s Club, Costco

If you’re unsure of where to get the flu vaccine you can find locations near you at

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