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Life at Citrus Heights Terrace

From dining opportunities where residents can celebrate life events with family and friends, to shopping and a full range of life enrichment activities each month to enjoy, our goal is to make life easier and more fulfilling for each of our residents. Learn what is coming up in the community and get a glimpse into the wealth of knowledge offered by our staff with informative articles and personal stories from staff and residents alike.

Feeding the Soul and Spirit

Feeding the Soul and Spirit

CiminoCare asked our residents and senior caregivers to tell us what memories they could share about October. Our conversations quickly led to talk about the changes in the types of food they would eat. The most popular fall meal included homemade soups. Everyone agreed that this is the time of year that crockpots and soup pots get pulled from the cupboards.

Comfort Food
The tradition of soups, especially chicken noodle soup, being comfort food is still strong today. As the days get shorter and the evenings cooler, the popularity of soups rises. And, as long as you stay away from too many high-calorie and high-cholesterol creamy versions, soup offers a multitude of benefits, including hydration, immune-boosting nutrients, and meals that are as tasty as they are affordable.

Healthy Options
Broth-based soups, especially chicken and veggie, not only warm you up on a cold day but are an easy way to maximize your veggie intake. Add more veggies and beans for vitamins and fiber, and try herbs and seasoning so you can reduce the amount of salt. All those extra vegetables and healthy flavors, including garlic, turmeric, celery and onions, add nutrients to the meal, essential for warding off winter colds.

And when you are already feeling under the weather, a hearty soup is easy to digest, warms you from the inside and can soothe a sore throat, just like mom used to make.

Inexpensive and Easy to Prepare
Soups are an easy way to make a more expensive ingredient, like meat, go farther and utilize in-season ingredients in a more cost effective manner. Have some vegetables that are too ripe for a stir fry or bake? Toss produce just past its prime into a soup and enjoy great taste, texture and get their total nutrient value instead of throwing them out.

Squash, pumpkin, carrots, parsnips and leeks are all excellent choices for a hearty fall soup. Throw everything with some seasoning into an Instant Pot or crockpot, let it simmer on the stove until heated through, and, voila! You have a healthy, filling and delicious meal. Made too much? Simply freeze the rest and enjoy a quick and easy meal on a busy weeknight.

Our residents shared their favorite fall time soups, including:

  • Pumpkin squash soup
  • Split pea with ham
  • White bean
  • Minestrone
  • Thai Coconut

Try this delicious and easy to make Pumpkin Soup:

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