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Homey Atmosphere with Professional Assisted Living Care

Our purpose at Sunshine Assisted Living is to provide each resident with personalized care and compassion – the next best thing to a person’s own home. The Sunshine Assisted Living staff is highly qualified and sensitive to each individual resident’s needs. Our services cater to the unique situations and desires of our residents, creating a long-term atmosphere of trust, compassion, and dignity.

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Benefits of Assisted Living


We recognize that being engaged in community life is a special benefit of living at Sunshine Assisted Living. This sense of belonging comes from participating in the activities and programs offered including daily exercise class, current events, expressive arts, ice cream socials and sharing mealtimes with other residents. Our caregivers encourage residents to get up and get going, to find joy and engagement each day.

Care and Wellness

Many residents first move to Sunshine Assisted Living’s Cottage or House because they need more support with personal care and medication services. Providing dignified and respectful care is at the core of everything we do, and beyond that we care about each resident’s overall wellness. We define wellness as an overarching desire to promote a healthy lifestyle – good hygiene, regular check-ups, eating well, physical exercise, social interactions, and spiritual activities.

Supportive Independence
Supportive Independence

We all have a strong desire to be independent. At Sunshine Assisted Living we look for ways to support residents’ independence – to make their own choices, to participate in care conversations and to do things for themselves, even if it takes a little longer.

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