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News & Events

Stay In the Know at Portola Gardens

From community focused outings and events, to visiting groups and well-planned life enrichment activities, life at Portola Gardens is inspired by the surrounding neighborhood. A private dining room is available for special events or celebrations, and family and friends are always welcome to join us. We share these events and activities with you, along with educational articles and personal stories, to offer a sense of what our residents experience in life at Portola Gardens.


CiminoCare Sponsors California Assisted Living Association (CALA) Session on Compassion in Eldercare

Based on the research from their book Return of Compassion to Healthcare Mary Tellis Nayak and V. Tellis Nayak presented The Importance of Compassion in Eldercare at the CALA spring conference in Monterey this month.

The speakers discussed how the advance in science, dementia care and clinical care, while critical to improved healthcare outcomes, cannot take the place of a tender loving compassionate approach to human beings. They believe that the real transformation of healthcare requires all people working in assisted living, memory care, skilled nursing and acute care hospitals to focus on the whole person, not just maladies. The person-centered approach to care offers evidence-based treatments and approaches that bring joy and benefits to residents, staff and the community. Their message is perfectly aligned with the CiminoCare culture.

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