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What to Expect at Portola Gardens

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Our experienced care team provides senior care that focuses on the well-being of each resident. At Portola Gardens we specialize in care, providing a broad array of services under assisted living including personal care with nursing support,  dementia care, mental health support and hospice coordination. We offer programs that allow residents to feel comfortable and successful regardless of their level of care. To develop comprehensive service plans, Portola Gardens partners with a diverse group of health care and community partners who support complex needs.

Introducing the Sunflower Social Support & Mental Health Program at Portola Gardens

This program has been specially designed to support residents in our assisted living community who have stabilized mental health diagnoses and would benefit from additional therapeutic programs, structure, and social support. Our Sunflower Program focuses on providing person-directed support to address lifestyle and social challenges, encouraging residents with stable mental health diagnoses to maintain their independence, positive community living, and sobriety.

We would love for you to see Portola Gardens for yourself. An in person tour is the best way to truly get a feel for our community and all that we have to offer our residents.


We recognize that being engaged in community life is a special benefit of living at Portola Gardens. This sense of belonging comes from participating in the activities and programs offered including daily exercise class, current events, expressive arts, ice cream socials and sharing meal times with other residents. Our caregivers encourage residents to get up and get going, to find joy and engagement each day.

Care and Wellness
Care and Wellness

Many residents first move to Portola Gardens because they need help with personal care and medication services. Providing dignified and respectful care is at the core of everything we do ,and beyond that we care about each resident’s overall wellness. We define wellness as an overarching desire to promote a healthy lifestyle — good hygiene, regular check-ups, eating well, physical exercise, social interactions and spiritual activities.

Supportive Independence
Supportive Independence

We all have a strong desire to be independent. At Portola Gardens we look for ways to support residents’ independence — to make their own choices, to participate in care conversations and to do for themselves, even if it takes a little longer.


We believe that every interaction is an opportunity for engagement. We recognize that residents living in our Memory Care programs thrive because of our compassionate interactions, whether it is dancing during an activity or working alongside a resident as we make the bed. Our days are filled with individual and small group activities and life skills that help residents experience successful interactions regardless of their cognitive abilities.

Safety and Security
Safety and Security

Families tell us that safety and security is a priority. We agree, and we have developed a program that allows safety and security to remain a priority without creating an institutional feel. Portola Gardens offers both a dedicated memory care community with specialized technology to alarm exit doors and integrated programs where residents regardless of their diagnosis live together. In addition, our services plans, staff training and change of condition observations play important roles in the safety and security of all of our residents.


Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia are horrible diseases. And yet, when encouraged, we can find many moments of joy and laughter. Portola Gardens is dedicated to supporting residents and family members through the good times and the tough times. We offer family support groups, end of life support programs, expert resources and opportunities for families to just be with loved ones, without a task list.

Sunflower Social Support and Mental Health Program

This program has been specially designed to support residents in our assisted living community who have stabilized mental health diagnoses and would benefit from a more structured program and social support. Our Sunflower Program focuses on providing person-directed services to address lifestyle and social challenges, encouraging residents to maintain their independence, positive community living and sobriety.

Residents who have benefited from this program include those who have experienced:

  • Feelings of depression, sadness, and hopelessness
  • Feelings of anxiety or nervousness in certain situations
  • Recent or unresolved grief or loss
  • Trauma or unsettled feelings from a recent transition or event
  • A history of mental health challenges that have impacted their well-being
Engagement & Life Skills

Resident with a history of depression, anxiety or unresolved grief may need additional support to increase their engagement in community life and encouragement to build life skills and connections with others.  The Sunflower one on one meetings and education provide opportunities for residents to build confidence and learn new skills.

Mindfulness, Arts & Exercises Groups

Sunflower Groups are focused on Arts and Mindfulness. They are  based on a social support and expressive arts group model that encourages residents to focus on their own wellness through self-expressive, self-regulation and self-care.

Case Management and Coordination

Living with chronic diagnoses can require care coordination with a variety of clinicians and health care systems. The Sunflower team helps residents navigate and resolve issues around medication management, community support services and health care appointments.

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