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News & Events

What’s Happening at Walnut House

From art, to indoor and outdoor activities, to community events, Walnut House offers a rich variety of activities in which our residents can participate. We are dedicated to providing programs that focus on inspiring and engaging our residents, alongside an experienced care staff and 24-hour care. Visit this page to learn about new developments in senior care, senior living and to hear wonderful stories from our residents and their families, as well as from our own staff.

May is Older Americans Month

May is Older Americans Month

Building Communities of Strength

This year the Older Americans Month’s theme is Communities of Strength, a fitting theme for our older residents who often inspire us with their insights, resilience and perspective that only years and a lifetime of experiences can provide. In 1976, President Gerald Ford proclaimed May as Older Americans Month for people and organizations around the country to celebrate and recognize the contributions that older adults provide to our families, communities, nation and the world. In addition, it is a time to recommit to ensuring that older adults have the support and services they need to continue to thrive in community life as they age

CiminoCare embodies the concept of Older Americans Month 12 months a year. Its mission-driven care communities and advocacy to help provide care services for lower income seniors are core tenants. During this month, leadership encourages everyone to take a moment to recognize the gifts and contributions of older adults in our lives and recommit to the work we do to meet the growing demand for care and services.

“I think the reason we are so committed to this work has to do with the mentors in our lives. My mom, Wilma, now in her 80’s, has the strength, compassion and wisdom of 10 people.” Mark Cimino continues, “Everyone knows Wilma. They trust her and know she will always try to solve a problem. She embodies the community culture.”

Mark and his sister MaryAnn Cimino Shinn have learned through their experiences with the family business how crucial it is to be part of a community that wants to solve a problem and meet a need. CiminoCare is building “communities of strength” with and on behalf of older adults.

For more information on how to celebrate Older Americans Month or to recognize someone in your community visit

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