Relief Potentially on the Way as State Recognizes the Need for Low-Income Senior Care Options

By CiminoCare

As strong advocates for affordable senior living options, CiminoCare has led efforts to expand the Assisted Living Waiver Program (ALW) in California. New legislation currently in the works would increase the program’s coverage from 3,700 people to 18,500, and move the benefits beyond the existing 15 counties where the program is currently available. A win-win, the increase in coverage through the ALW Program will offer more opportunities for low income seniors with care needs an alternative to nursing-homes…allowing them to live in more home-like settings. Additionally, ALW offers significant savings to the state by ensuring seniors who are able to live in assisted living situations are not being provided costly nursing home level of care.With the bill currently in the hands of the Senate, this article written by David Gorn explores the growing demand for the proper senior living options, especially for low-income seniors with Alzheimer’s or Dementia. Through interviews with industry experts, including Mark Cimino, Gorn builds a case as to why more appropriate, less-costly senior care is so crucial to the future of our aging population.

Click here to read David Gorn’s full article.

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