The End-of-Life Option Act and Caregiver Support in California

By CiminoCare


CiminoCare presents at California Assisted Living Association’s Annual Conference

California End of Life Option Act and Caregiver Support Presentation

The End-of-Life Option Act has been in place in California for one year now. CiminoCare has experienced first-hand its impact, especially the toll it takes on caregivers. This past week our Human Resource Director, Machelle Vietz, shared some of our experiences in a panel presentation at the California Assisted Living Association’s annual conference.

Machelle, along with Pamela Kaufmann, a Partner at Hanson Bridgett LLP, and Martha Kay Nelson, the Director of Spiritual Care at Mission Hospice and Home Care presented ““Evaluating the End-of-Life Option Act, Year 1.”

Machelle shared the importance of preparing caregiving staff for the impact for those choosing the end-of-life-option act in an assisted living community. Caregivers grow to love the residents they care for and often experience emotional loss when one passes naturally. The end-of-life option act has added a new dimension to preparing caregivers for that grief process. CiminoCare is proud that we were able to share from our experience to improve, and encourage other communities to provide, the necessary support to caregivers throughout California.

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