Burlingame Villa Memory Care Residents Inspired by Art Reflection Program

By CiminoCare

CiminoCare was overjoyed at receiving this lovely letter from the Activity Specialist at the Hummingbird Project. The Hummingbird Project visited Burlingame Villa on October 11th presenting their art program. The residents were truly inspired by this wonderful program. Thank you Hummingbird Project!

Dear MaryAnn and Ana,

Please find below the report of the Art Reflections group on October 11th.

We began the group with individual greetings taking time to get to know one another. Then, I introduced our program.

The Art Reflections program’s purpose is to bring the museum paintings to the group, to learn about the art, and to share observations and opinions with one another. Providing a venue for self-expression, everyone’s opinions are welcome and no experience is necessary.

These are a few of the highlights of our time together:


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