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Stay up-to-date with what’s happening at Country Club Manor. From daily, weekly and monthly activities, to special events and celebrations, you can keep track of the engaging community enjoyed by our residents. Here you will also find educational and inspirational stories and articles relevant to the senior community and senior care.

Master Plan for Aging

Together we EngAGE – California’s Master Plan for Aging

In January, 2021 the State of California released a comprehensive Master Plan for Aging. This agenda outlines a 10 year plan to promote and support healthy aging throughout California as the 60 and over population is expected to grow to over 10 million by 2030. The plan outlines goals in five critical areas: Housing, Health, Inclusion and Equity, Caregiving, and Affordability.

The Housing goal looks at providing options for a wider range of housing models and mixed use opportunities, recognizing that the accessibility to transportation, retail, parks and civic engagement is a part of healthy aging within the housing needs of older adults.

The Master Plan for Aging report acknowledges that health, lifestyle, and access to medical care are important elements throughout one’s lifespan. Data in the report shows an increase in healthcare services as California residents age, claiming that nearly 9 in 10 older adults require at least one prescription medication, with 25% of respondents feeling economic pressures to pay for the medications. This goal also includes addressing access challenges for low income and under served populations, as well as the increasing need to address mental health services.

There is an overall acknowledgement that older adults need to have meaningful roles in the communities in which they live, from employment to volunteering. The need for technological support and digital connectivity weave through these calls for inclusion. The report claims that one of the greatest threats to achieving this goal is the growing threat of elder abuse, including fraud, scams, isolation, neglect and other abuses.

Most adults have been part of an informal caregiving plan for older family or community members. The plan states that close to 5 million informal caregivers provide assistance to a family or community member, with a disproportionate share falling on women, especially lower income women of color.

The ability to be financially independent is a critical factor to “aging well” and being able to access appropriate housing, healthcare and community involvement. Women, who typically outlive their male counterparts, are particularly at risk because more of their work tends to be unpaid and thus did not count toward their Social Security earnings.

As you can read, there is much to be done to improve the quality of life for older California residents. Holding stakeholders and leaders accountable to a plan is just a start. For our part, CiminoCare is committed to continuing to expand access to its assisted living communities at reasonable rates, to working with third party payers including PACE, Assisted Living Waiver Program and Hospital Systems, and to pay a living wage to its team members. There are no easy solutions, but collaboration is necessary to find new and creative solutions to housing and care needs.

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